Collection: Cobb & Co

You will love our clocks and barometers... Here's why

Solid Brass Bezels For A Lasting Shine

The Cobb & Co Railway Clocks & Barometers have a bezel that is made from 100% solid brass. This gives the clock a unique, shiny finish that cannot be found anywhere else. As well as the unique look, solid brass keeps it's shine forever.

  • Solid brass gives a unique, shiny finish
  • Solid brass keeps it's shine longer
  • Solid brass can be cleaned back to it's original shine over and over again

Beware of cheap alternatives

  • Solid brass is becoming extremely rare for clock makers to use. Only a handful of brass companies worldwide will still make solid brass bezels
  • Many clock manufacturers are using plastic for their bezels. With plastic bezels, the shine disappears very quickly, and can never be restored.
  • Some manufacturers use plated brass for their bezels. With plated brass, as you clean your clock over the years, you will eventually wipe away the brass. The plating will wear and flake, and the clock will start to look terrible.

Polished Plantation Pine

Cobb & Co Railway Clocks and Barometers are made from a solid, plantation pine.

The timbers are carefully carved to the perfect shape. Once shaped, they are sanded to smooth the surface. The timbers are then coated with a protective coatings, and finally varnished with one of Cobb & Co's carefully selected timber finishes.

Using plantation pine allows Cobb & Co to produce a stunning finish where you can see the wood grain through the varnish. The careful process means the timbers come out in the most authentic and natural way possible.

Because no two timbers are the same, all Cobb & Co Clocks are a unique creation... when you get a Cobb & Co Clock or Barometer, you can be sure that you are the only person in the world with a piece exactly like yours.