Collection: German Clocks

The history of the cuckoo clock goes back to the early 17th century where it was believed to be very good luck to hear the cuckoo bird singing in the forest.  if you heard the cuckoo call, you would take out your wallet and shake it above your head. The farmers in the Black Forest in Germany used logs to build these clocks which housed the lucky call of the Cuckoo bird; and so the cuckoo clock was born. Now in 2021, the famous cuckoo clock is still very popular popping out on walls of countless countries around the world.

Bring the beautiful sound of the cuckoo into your home!

Beware of cheap Chinese made cuckoo clocks.

Our Cuckoo clocks are all Made In Germany and unlike others we give you a full 2 Year Warranty.


Watch the history & making of our mechanical Cuckoo Clocks.