Our Clocks Ship For Free From Either Melbourne Or Perth So You Can Expect To See Your Clock In 3 To 7 Days. In 2022 10% of our profits are being donated to The Smith Family - creating opportunities for young Australians in need by providing long-term support for their participation in education.

About Us

At ozclocks.com.au, (previously Clocktyme.com) we pride ourselves in providing quality time pieces to our fellow Australians.

With Free delivery across Australia and our Quality Guarantee we are proud to offer direct contact to us either via email sales@ozclocks.com.au or you can call us on 0407221095 if you have any questions.

Yes we are a family run Australian Business.

We source our clocks from right here in the land of Oz or our German suppliers but we are constantly looking for more and more Australian made clocks. Watch this space grow over Time.

We are Proud to have Cobb & Co Clocks and Barometers on board. The quality of their clocks & Barometers is up there with the best in the world.

These all have a 2 year guarantee with free delivery across Australia.


With my name Uwe, pronounced Oova (yes my German parents thought that was a perfectly good Aussie name back in the 60's) it made perfect sense to introduce some German Quality clocks to our site.

What better clock to represent Germany than the famous Cuckoo clock.

There is a little folklore behind this historical and cultural icon.

The history of the cuckoo clock goes back to the early 17th century where it was believed to be very good luck to hear the cuckoo bird singing in the forest.  if you heard the cuckoo call, you would take out your wallet and shake it above your head. The farmers in the Black Forest in Germany used logs to build these clocks which housed the lucky call of the Cuckoo bird; and so the cuckoo clock was born. Now in 2021, the famous cuckoo clock is still very popular popping out on walls of countless homes here and around the world.

Bring the beautiful sound of the cuckoo into your home!


What's The Difference Between A Quartz & A 1 or 8 Day Cuckoo Clock?

Our Quartz Cuckoo clocks are very popular as they are battery operated so no winding at all.

If you prefer a more traditional 1 or 8 day clock, these have a winding mechanism. Winding a cuckoo clock is extremely simple and it takes only a couple of seconds. You can wind the clock simply by pulling a ring that is on one side of the chain until the pine cones are up. Yes! This is how easy it is to wind your mechanical cuckoo clock. If the clock is a one day clock, then it requires winding once a day. If the clock is an eight day cuckoo clock, then it requires winding once a week. 

 If you are an Australian Manufacturer of clocks or know anyone who does please feel free to let us know.

Cheers Oova & the team.