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COBB & Co. Large 3 in 1 Barometer, Walnut.

COBB & Co. Large 3 in 1 Barometer, Walnut.

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✔ Australian Made
✔ Customisation Option
✔ Full 2 Year Warranty

This large 3 in 1 barometer measures 15cm x 54cm (12.6" x 21.3").

 Experience the elegance of this large 3 in 1 barometer, comprising a thermometer for the temperature (measures in Celsius), barometer for the pressure changing and hygrometer for humidity.

Mounted on an Walnut piano finish timber.

Because no two timbers are the same, all Cobb & Co Barometers are a unique creation... when you get a Cobb & Co Barometer, you can be sure that you are the only person in the world with a piece exactly like yours.

Backed by a Quality Guarantee for 36 months, this stunning barometer makes for a perfect addition to your home, or a generous gift.

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